Chapter 1

Logging In

To log in, you need the URL and your user credentials.

  • Enter your ID and password to log in.

The landing page will display all your assets.

Introduction To SenseHawk Files (Document Management)

With SenseHawk files, you can easily manage your asset-related files and documents without any clutter. 


Multiple File Types

All your files, such as legal & compliance documents, financial models, design files, CAD, warranty documents, datasheets, manuals, QC checklists, IV curves, can be stored, accessed & shared.

Data Rooms

Create a data room to share information with IEs, owners, lenders, or during transactions. Provide access to individuals & teams, internal & external, and log access. Revoke permission when required.

Add Files from Anywhere

  • Import files from your phone, computer, or popular file storage platforms (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive)
  • Organize files folders. Create & use tags to organize and search files
  • A simple and intuitive user interface helps find files without wasting time searching in email
  • View, search documents, share files, and manage versions

Access Files from All Applications

  • Link and access files from any SenseHawk application
  • Attach files to tickets, upload images and files from app, view and upload files from Terra, Eye, or Therm
  • Link documents to component types and enable access from all instances of the component on-site
  • View documents attached to tickets on the SenseHawk app, even when offline 


  • Get rid of digital clutter and forget about long URLs, slow FTP servers, and fruitless email searches for an elusive CAD drawing
  • Set hierarchy-based access with separate access protocols for internal team members and guest logins from external organizations
  • View active users and 'watchers' at all times and avoid the risk of files shared without expiry dates


  • SenseHawk app security works on distributed and dependable infrastructure
  • It supports two-factor authentication and constantly updates security features to keep your data safe
  • The security system is sensitive to requirements of data privacy & governance required by customers in different jurisdictions

Chapter 2

SenseHawk Files User Guide

1. Log in to using your credentials

2. On the organization home screen, click on 'Files'.

3. As the files application opens, you will find Upload and New Folder options. Upload allows you to directly upload the files to the asset, whereas with New Folder, you can create unlimited folders and organize your files as per your need.

4. Once the folder is created, you will find the same options to upload data or create subfolders. 

5. Select files and folders to view the data information on the right side of the screen. In this dialog box, perform actions such as 'Show Activity', 'Share', and 'Download'.

  • Show Activity: Displays all the recent activities performed in this folder or file
  • Share: Allows you to share the file or folder with other team members
  • Download: Allows you to download the files or folders

6. You may choose to Transfer Ownership of the file or folder to other members of your team.

7. You can also perform these activities for each file or folder by clicking on the vertical ellipse menu against them. Action options include 'Rename', 'Download', 'Share', 'Transfer Ownership', 'Move', 'Archive', and 'Delete'.

Info: Move allows you to move the file or folder from one asset to another.

8. To perform bulk actions, first select the desired multiple files or folders. Then, in the Actions menu select the function you want to perform.

9. To view all the archived files and folders, go to the 'Archived' section in the left-hand column.

10. Similarly, to view all shared files, go to 'Shared with me'.

11. For asset-specific files and folders, select the desired asset from the organization 'Home' page and go to the 'Files' application.

Note: The functioning of the application within the asset section will be similar to that at the organization level. However, the contents of the asset will be specific to the selected asset.