Construction Monitoring Overview

Your assets generate considerable data across the lifecycle - SCADA data, terrain maps, design documents, contracts, site activity-related data, and much more. SenseHawk enables seamless construction monitoring of your asset through a digital sitemap that allows capturing, organizing, and storing this data to facilitate quick retrieval and advanced analytics.


Click on your desired asset on the organization's 'Home' page. As it opens the dashboard view, click on the Terra name to go to the map or the terrain view.



Scan Dates

As it opens the map/terrain view of the site., select the desired scan date.


a) App Filters

Click on the gear icon in the tools menu for App filters

    - Check or uncheck Tasks/Forms on the map view

b) Feature Filters

Click on the Feature Filter button in the tools menu to filter by feature types on the map.

The filtered view on the map is generated.

Feature Types

The feature types on the map are color-coded and listed in the feature type section. The feature types on the maps can be filtered by selecting/deselecting.


If there are multiple scan dates, the compare feature will help understand the progress. Comparision can be done between the scan dates and visually understanding the progress by looking at the map's color-coded feature types.

Easily monitor the progress between two scan dates.


A PDF format can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon next to the scan date. Get a detailed understanding of the construction progress with the report. Hover over the scan date to download the report.

Sample Report: