Large checklists can be attached to tasks allowing complex tasks to be easily broken down and managed on the field. A task allows indefinite nesting or multiple checklists to be incorporated.

  • To create a checklist within a task. Click on 'New Checklist' and enter any number of checklist items.

  • Each item within a checklist can have an assignee. Generally, when filtering through a big project with many people remotely, small tasks can slip through. Assigning one individual to each item keeps them liable and prevents one from being overwhelmed to complete everything at once. This further increases the visibility and, importantly, self-accountability for who is doing what and when.

  • Click on the ellipses for more options within an item in the checklist to rename, add sub-item, add notes, attach files, and delete the item entirely.

  • Once the checklist is ready, click on the ellipses. You can save this checklist as a template that can be loaded directly in tasks raised later in time.