The tasks application supports bulk tasks based on the vector attribute, particularly when doing component QC (either 100% or sampled), and is a faster method for the site managers or technicians to raise innumerable tasks. 

Please follow the below process to perform bulk creation of tasks.

  • In the map view, click on the filter icon.

  • Select the property type and the value depending on where the problem exists. Click on 'Apply'.

  • As the vectors on the map are made visible, select them all and click on 'Create task'. 

  • To create bulk tasks, enter the task name, choose a category and click on the check box 'Create using task template'.

  • The tasks are now crated for the selected vectors on the map.

Note: Selection of vectors can also be done by holding the 'Shift Key' + Selecting the individual vectors on map or by holding the 'Shift Key' + dragging the pointer and selecting the vectors.