Mobile Application To Remediate Defects

1. To install the application on your mobile device, please follow the below.

Android Device


Please click here or scan the below QR code to install the app on an Android device.

Please click here or scan the below QR code to install the app on an Android device.

2. Once you log in, you will see the list of projects under your organization (in case you are from a different

organization, please change your organization from the options menu on the home screen). Click on the

project (Orient Solar for example) and click on Thermography under the Thermal tab:

3. The site map view will open with the tickets highlighted. Click on the layer icon on the top right of the screen. Under the “Rasters” tab, select Maps and Features of different Inverter Blocks and turn on or off different issues under the “Feature Types”. Alternatively, simply click on any block to view the maps and defects for that block

4. To work offline, first, make sure your location shows up on the map by clicking on the locate icon at the

bottom corner. Your location will show up as a blue dot on the screen. Next, select the block that you are

planning to work on while in a Wi-Fi or cellular network zone. Once the map and features of the desired block

are loaded, please click on the offline icon at the top right corner; you will now be able to work on the app in

offline mode, even in areas where the network coverage is patchy. All activities (including checklists and

photographs attached to tickets) will be synced when you come back online by clicking on the same icon


5. Click on any feature or place a marker anywhere on the field to create new tasks while walking the site.

6. Your location will be visible as a Blue dot on the screen; navigate to an existing task and click on it to see the task details.

7. To view the task description, click on the first tab at the bottom. Here, you can add users, set status and priority, add teams, and more.

To add a checklist or view an existing one, click on the second tab at the bottom.

8. Click on the checklist items to mark them complete. Attach relevant images/documents, add subtasks, notes, etc. to individual tasks by clicking on the options menu.

9. The “Attachments” tab will allow you to take photographs and add attachments to the task. The “Conversations” tab will show all task activity and will also allow all users with access to the task to add comments and have conversations on the field.

10. In case you would like to simply work or view on a list tasks pending against your name without going into the map view, from the home screen, simply click on the 'Tasks' tab at the bottom. This will reveal a list of tasks pending against your name. Clicking on them will show task details similar to the ones above.